Pastor's Bio

Pastor's Biography

Dr. Alvin H. Steward III is second of two children born to Albert and Mendola Steward. Dr. Steward was elected Pastor of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church at its onset. Dr. Steward believes in preaching and teaching the word of God, and just as importantly, believes that we must "live" the word. Dr. Steward is a no nonsense, tell it like it is, open and honest man of God and is respected because of his "Do as I Do" and not as I say attitude.

Dr. Alvin Steward served as a member of the United States Army where he served for 23 years in various capacities. Dr. Steward served as a member of the elite 173rd Airborne Division during the Vietnam War and prior to his retirement, served almost 5 years as Aide to a Lieutenant General. Dr. Steward has matriculated through a number of college degrees including Doctoral degrees (PhD) in Management with a focus on Leadership and Epistemology and Religious Studies. Dr. Steward has since graduated with an advanced degree in Leadership from Cornell University.

Dr. Steward was called as a servant of God in November 2003. Dr. Steward after being called as a minister, led a number of ministries including Christian Education, Security, Music, and served as Executive Pastor until God led him to Pastor New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church. Prior to his calling as a minister, he served as a member of the Deacon Board. Dr. Steward is a leader's "leader" and has devoted himself to the betterment of man through the spiritual and educational process. Dr. Steward among his many responsibilities also serves as an Adjunct professor for the University of Phoenix in the John Sperling School of Business Graduate School. Dr. Steward wholehearted believes that Jesus Christ is the perfect example of Servant Leadership, and that we must strive to be just like Jesus.

First Lady Carmen Steward left home to join the military where she enlisted in the United States Army and was, after a short assignment in the US, immediately assigned to Germany. Sister Steward held several job positions while in the military with her most notable assignment being that of a legal assistant at the Presidio of San Francisco. Sister Steward attended college both during and after her military career earning 4 college degrees with the most recent degree of a Master's in Accounting degree, which she completed in 2003. Sister Steward has served in a number of positions within the church including leadership roles as President of the Deaconess Board, Co-President of the Usher Board, and Counselor. Sister Steward is a true woman of God devoting her life to the purpose in which God has predestinated for her. Sister Steward has a kind and open spirit that reaches out to everyone in which she comes in contact with. Sister Steward's loving spirit sets her apart from others, as she is always thoughtful and generous.

Dr. Alvin H. Steward III and his lovely wife of 28 years, Carmen Steward were joined in holy matrimony on 18 September 1983. They met while serving in the United States Army in Europe, fell in love there, and have never parted since that blessed day. Dr. Alvin and Sister Carmen have three beautiful children: two sons, Jeffery and Aundre', and a daughter, Shante', and six grandchildren.