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Data Center Specifications

Learn about the data center that houses our servers and network infrastructure.


  • The Data Center is equipped with lockable racks and cages to host your equipment in a secure environment
  • 96,000 Square foot facility with 22,000 Square feet of raised floor space in the hosting area for your cabling and special wiring needs
  • Need+1 (N+1) design of cooling towers, water pumps and chillers
  • Four 400-ton redundant chillers providing 150 BTU's per square foot
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment, cooling units maintain uniform 72° temperatures and 50% relative humidity levels


Security of your data and systems is especially critical. The Data Center is designed with security of these critical assets as a primary objective. Some of the important security features of the Data Center include:
  • 24/7/365 on-site security guard
  • Indoor and outdoor security monitoring, surveillance tapes are maintained for 60 days in an on-site video library
  • Badge/Picture ID access screening
  • Dual door floor trap design for access to the raised floor area
  • Escort requirements for access to raised floor areas

Disaster Control

The Data Center is designed to withstand disastrous conditions pertinent to its location, ensuring that your systems and equipment continue to run even under extreme conditions.
  • VESDA fire detection and suppression systems
  • Dual fore detection (photo electronic/ionization and sniffer) system
  • Central fire alarm system notification with a direct alarm to the local fire department
  • Multi-zone pre-action dry pipe suppression system allowing suppression to be contained to the affected area and not disrupt conditions elsewhere
  • The Data Center is designed specifically to withstand seismic activity
  • Similarly, it is designed to withstand extreme hurricane activity up to a Category 5 hurricane
  • Government and Bank certified
  • Connectivity
The Data Center is equipped to provide your systems Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity to the fiber network.
  • OC-48 SONET ring for network redundancy
  • Built-in redundancy through redundant router and switch configuration of the Data Center LAN design
  • Dual ports available from unique switches
  • Flat rate and burstable billing options
  • Scalability through 1 to 1000 Mbps bandwidth ports

Power Systems

Collocation Hosting Services must be always available, and the system availability is only as predictable as the availability of power to those systems. The Data Center is designed for redundancy and high availability of power to your critical server.
  • Power service is 14 megavolt amps
  • Five 1250 KVA diesel Generator Systems, redundant N+1 design of uninterrupted power supplies in the event of a power failure from commercial power
  • Fully redundant UPS bank
  • Dual power availability to each rack unit from independent power distribution units (PDUs), removing PDU loss as a single point of failure

System monitoring and Management

The Data Center is equipped with sophisticated equipment and technical professionals to provide additional add-on services for 24/7/365 system monitoring and management of your critical systems.
  • Concord NetHealth (Server health monitoring)
  • Agilent FireHunter (throughput monitoring)
  • Veritas Nerve Center (router and switch event correlation)
  • HP Open View (base network monitoring)
  • Remedy (problem tracking, trouble ticketing and resolution management)


Outsourcing your IT infrastructure is one of the best ways to achieve maximum flexibility and access speedy networks, while at the same time keeping immediate overhead costs low.

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